Download Lagu Terbaru Mp3 Cari Pacar Lagi ST 12

Download Lagu Terbaru Mp3 Cari Pacar Lagi ST 12. After the success with his first album, Street Good, some time before, St 12 again launched the album. Under the Trinity Optima Production label flag, the second album was given by the Cari Pacar Lagi title. The album editorial not the name of a woman, but the abbreviation from "broke your girlfriend". "Yes, the method write him the difference although people were curious and find out," said Charly, the vocalist, during the launching of the album both of them this.
The Cari Pacar Lagi song was championed to the circulating album from July this. This song told about a man who admired the pretty woman but has had the sweetheart. "This including the song that his lyrics I really, with the colloquial language that flowed," he said. For his video clip, the director Abimael Gandy raked in Luna Maya. St 12 were initially known through his emergence in the agenda of television music. His musical current was annotated minor withered or pop withered, canned be heard like Malaysian songs. That was similar with the musical current missed Band and the Guardian. The "identity" of "music like this had the nature of Indonesia and we were proud, like America with country him and Brazil with the Sambanya culture," said Pepep, the drum of the drum.Download Lagu Terbaru Mp3 Cari Pacar Lagi ST 12


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